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swMenuFree on multilingual sites (Joomla 2.5)

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Owen Patrick Newbie

Posts: 1

Hi Kay,
Have you found a solution as yet?  I am in the same situation need to use swMenuFree on a multilingual Joomla 2.5 site.  Please let me know.

Sean White User avatar

Posts: 5489

OK, there was a problem there with swMenuFree not recognising different language menu items within the same source menu.

I've just update to swMenuFree7.4 for Joomla2.5.  Download that one from this site then if you have swMenuFree7.2 you can use the "upgrade/repair swMenuFree" page to upload the new release file and it will automatically update itself.  If using swMenuFree7.0 then you may have to uninstall then re-install the new version.

With the new swMenuFree7.4 it will recognise different language selections so you can assign different menu items to different languages and then only the correct menu items will show depending on the users selected language.

If you require seperate menu modules with different source menus then you need swMenuPro.

StefanKQ Newbie

Posts: 1

Hi there,

I was just wondering the same.
Do I understand correctly, that if I want to use swMenuFree on a bilingual website with two separate menus for each language I have to use MenuPro? I have just installed it and I seem to be able to link the plugin to only one menu (one or the other language)... but I do need both. And for that I need the Pro version?


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