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swMenuFree8 hides behind flash in IE9

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Post Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:36 pm
foxxx75 Newbie

Posts: 3

using swMenuFree8 on and basically I am really happy with it and it works fine with almost all browsers.
but in IE9 the submenu hides behind flash elements - have a try on ... garve.html - and I dont find a way to get that fixed.

anyone who can help?

Sean White User avatar

Posts: 5489

Your flash movie is playing within an iframe.  The Flash fix can only fix flash movies on the page.  The iframe loads another page.  So you can either replace the iframe with a regular link to the flash movie in an tag and add the and the tags.

Or if you can edit the page linked to in the ifram you can add the two references needed for wmode=transparent there.

foxxx75 Newbie

Posts: 3

Thanks your your answer.
But this sounds to me as if there is no solution because the iframe-thing is in total a third party module -> I get the iframe-code, put it on the website and it works.

So do you have any idea what I could do???

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