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swMenuPro 9 for Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x is now available

Please post all questions regarding swMenuPro 9+ to this forum.

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swMenuPro9.1 is now available to all swMenuPro users, please use the download link or login provided at the time of purchase to aquire the file.  If you have lost your login or download link then please use the contact form on this site to email me.  The paypal email adddress is the easiest way for me to track down your purchase and reset your login.

This new swMenuPro can be used to upgrade an existing swMenuPro install in Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x by using the "upgrade/repair swMenuPro" page in the swMenuPro admin to upload it.

The new swMenuPro can also be used as a new component install by using the joomla extension installer.

If upgrading an existing swMenuPro then you will need to refresh your browser on a swMenuPro module editing page so the browser uses the newer CSS and javascript files instead of those from cache.  You will also most likely need to re-edit and save some of the menus as the new swMenuPro has many more style options and saves the styles completely differently.

Main new feature just added is the abilty to export and import swMenuPro styles.  So you can easily transfer swMenuPro menu styles between different servers and versions of Joomla as well as share styles with others. Other changes are:

The following menu systems have been removed:
Click menu (use accordion instead)
Click-trans menu (use new accordion-trans instead)
Tigra menu
CSS tab menu
Dynamic tab menu (use new mega tab menu instead)

The following menu systems have bee added:
Accordion - trans menu (a fusion of an accordion and a trans menu system)
Mega tab menu ( An adaption of the myGosu menu to give a horizontal and vertical drop downs from a horizontal top menu)
Multi column menu ( An adaption of the myGosu menu to give multiple column submenus using level1 submenu as the headers)

New Features:
Mobile freindly option to automatically disable parent menu links when a mobile browser is bring used.

Complete border control for all sides of all aspects of the menus.

More corner options for menu elements.

Custom HTML option.  Allows HTML to be added before or after any menu item or in a floating tooltip.  Also the option to embed other modules within menu items.

Editable font field

A floating editing screen.  Drag the editing screen or preview anywhere within the browser window to make editing easier.

Plus many more hacks for the individual menus.

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