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Menus will not display over Smarty Slider 2

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jparker Newbie

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Location: Surprise, AZ, USA

I am certain that it is a z-index problem but I do not know where to fix it. If you look at the following site you will find that if you click on the menu tab [Shop]->[Products] that the swMenu is displayed under the Smarty Slider 2.
I have tried the force setting both way with no result.
Thanks for you help on this.

Sean White User avatar

Posts: 5489

I can't get to that page to see the issue. Your links seem to be misconfigured for some menu items. Can you re-enablr the link to the page that has the issue. I'm sure it is a simple z-index issue but I need to see a page with the problem to advise exactly on what css to edit.

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