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Issues in IE9 and IE11 with image menu

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Post Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:08 pm

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I have issues with a transmenu menu with images. In a website in Joomla2.5 it works all well. Now I'm building thsi website again in J3.2.0 and with SWmenupro 9.9.
I have three menu items (left and right on each site in the site) that are placed over each other in IE9? In all other browsers it works good.
I have changed almost all settings to fix this, but nothing works. Also makes mygosumenu's from it. But still the same problem.
In IE10 I have not tested this. But in IE11 I got this message when I'm opening the site "scanstyles does nothing in Webkit/FF/Opera". And in IE11 the submenu's doesnot work?
This is the testsite

I hope somebody can help me.

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Get the transmenu and curvy corners files from this post:

That will fix your IE11 issues.
The other issue of the overlapping images will happen if you use just images as menu items but don't specify the top menu item width and height. Make the top menu item height the same as the images height and it should look good in IE.

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Thank you very much.
Both things helped and the problems are gone.

Thank you.

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