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Disappearance of my menus after passing multilingual

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Iko13 Newbie

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Hello there,

I've got a problem that I never met before: my 4 swmenupro menu modules are not dispayed anymore on my website, than it worked good since few monthes.
I explain:
- it's swMenuPro 9.9 version
- joomla 2.5
- maxgaming-tg template.
- website:

First this website was in "all language" (french default) et I added 2 swmenupro menu/modules on the breadcrumb position, assigned only to mainmenu categories, to display like a submenu category.
For example, if I clicked on the "Produits neufs" main menu item, I arrive on one page and my swmenu "occasion top fr" appears under my mainmenu displaying sub categories of my "poduits neufs" main menu..

Then I had to convert my webite into multilingual website and all worked good, I created my english swmenu modules (occasion top en for example), and now I can't understand because everything works fine excepted my 4 swmenupro modules does not appears anymore anywhere....

I really need help because a lot of articles and categories are not displayed anymore... ???

Thanks a lot

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