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Advanced Menu System for Joomla
The myGosu Menu system is a combination javascript and CSS popout menu which will work well in most modern browsers as well as displaying well in older and non-javascript enabled browsers.

Advanced Positioning:

Top menu items can be aligned vertically or horizontally. Whole menu can be positioned left, center, or right of where the module is published.

Auto Resizing:

Top menu and sub menu item widths and heights can be made to autoresize, making it an ideal choise for horizontal menu bars.

Better Borders:
Can accurately specify outside borders for whole top menu and whole sub menus as well as inside borders for top menu items and sub menu items.

Active Menu:

When this feature is turned on the top menu item which is the top item in the menu tree from the currently viewed page will be in a constant mouseover state. This will synchonise with any other Joomla/Mambo or SWmenuPro menu sytems on the same page.

Custom images :

Can specify images and behaviours for each individual menu item using integrated images and behaviours page.

Browser Friendly:

Top menu items will even display correctly in non-javascript enabled browsers.

Examples of some myGosu menus are below.